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    so I just found out if you google my full name with certain key words such as “seaworld” or “tilikum” you get a sampling of my greatest anticap facebook posts. 

    in other news, I want to die 

    You will be okay. You’re still young. Be aware that it may get brought up in interviews, but do your best to delete the site or post if you want to and are able.

    Chances are, employers will search for only your name, and social media, not with those buzzwords.

    If it gets brought up, a good way to approach it is to say that you used to feel that way and because of x y z, you now feel differently (I would use facts like how zoos work, not a post you read online). This can help you in an education/zoo position because you will be able to understand the arguments of someone who comes up to complain about captivity.

    But, a good warning. And a good reminder to search yourself on google occasionally!! I can guarantee that ALL employers do this. This is exactly why you’ll never see my full name on here, and probably not where I work, either ;)

  2. Ugh does anyone know how to actually upload videos from my phone to mobile instead of letting it just sit there and then fall away into nothingness?

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  4. I only know lindy and it sucks because most functions here are west coast :(

    Lindy is the best!!! I actually have a lot of dance friends who are strangely prejudiced against West Coast.. there’s a strange rift. I prefer Lindy over everything, but learned East Coast/Charleston/Lindy before anything else

  5. urbpan replied to your post “There is no greater pain than a swing dancer at a wedding with no…”

    You keep giving me new life goals

    Learn to dance! Meet people! Stay in shape! Be disappointed at every wedding you go to*!

    *unless it is a swing wedding

  6. hyacynthus replied to your post “There is no greater pain than a swing dancer at a wedding with no…”

    Apparently I learned an uncommon style (east coast Lindy?), so I only know how to dance with people from that class. :(

    Not uncommon at all! Though, if you’re on the West Coast, it might be a little bit more uncommon. East Coast is one style, and Lindy Hop is another style! Both are very common on the Eastern side of the country, where I am. West Coast is a style that tends to be popular (surprise surprise) on the West. But both of those are a good foundation, and if you want to learn, a good lead will definitely be able to lead you through a few dances! 

  7. afuturelikegravity replied to your photo “Ughhhh”

    Not sure what he was trying to accomplish. Wtf dude.

    Yeah, I sent that response and he seems to think I’m just making conversation, not making a remark about him. Boys are weird.

  8. Anonymous asked:

    The opinion of the author in the ER article you posted was all kinds of presumptuous and shitty. I hope that doctor finds a different profession.


    I can see how it would come across that way. I think it was more due to frustration than being presumptuous. It is so hard to see people decline medical care for monetary reasons when they walk into the clinic with a Starbucks latte, manicured nails, an iphone, etc. I think in the human medical field it is even more frustrating when people go to an ER when in reality they should go to a regular physician but can’t because they don’t have insurance. It is just expected that the ER visit will be covered by the government.

    Of course not everyone that has lattes or goes to the ER is like that. But I have yet to have a client say “well, I guess we will put our monthly coffee budget to vet care until Fluffy is taken care of” and I think that’s the basis of it all. I’m sorry the article rubbed you the wrong way.

    Why people hating on exoticvet all the time? SIGH.

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    I am fire *pant pant* 

    I am death. 

    you ruined my life

    you mean improved your life

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the open road


    the open road

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